Advertisement for Small Business.

Advertisement for Small Businesses..

If you are running a small business which is well settled and thinking to promote your products and brand, but at the same time you are backing off thinking that advertising is only for established brands and businesses, then you should know that everyone can promote their services through advertising, no matter how your small or big is your business. And the most important thing is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to promote your business.

Popular ways to promote small business…

  Social Media

It is one of commonly used strategies to promote your products because most of the peoples spend their large chunk of time in scrolling down and chatting on social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

You can promote your products and services by joining the social media, by uploading photos and images of products on daily basis or you can also go for paid promotions which bring lot of traffic to your pages.

In actual paid ads and promotion is better than the organic (unpaid) promotions because the organic procedure is time taking and you have also need to maintain your social handles by yourself, but in paid you need to focus only on your business and all the other things are on the service provider.


  Search Engine

You all know that the Google is one of the biggest and mostly used search engine worldwide, but it is not the only search engine…

And now you say that… Yes, we all know about Yahoo, Binge, Duck Duck go, yes you are right.

But do you know that YouTube and Pinterest are also work as search engines, most of the businesses big or small promote their products on YouTube, they approach to the famous Youtuber or make YouTube channel to promote their products and services.

You all know that the Google is one of the biggest and mostly used search engine worldwide, but it is not the only search engine…

And now you say that… Yes, we all know about Yahoo, binge, Duck Duck go, yes you are right.

But do you know that YouTube and Pinterest are also work as search engines, most of the businesses big or small promote their products on YouTube, they approach to the famous Youtuber or make YouTube channel to promote their products and services.

Sometimes you watch videos like unboxing of any product, comparisons between products and specification videos. Yes, these all videos are made for the advertising and promotions.

To increase the traffic, you also must work on the searchability of your brand and if we know the search intent (the purpose of a particular user to search any thing) of the audience then no one can stop you from growing.

To do so you must pay with words in your promotions, suppose if you are a “Hat seller” and peoples are searching “how to make hats at home” then these kinds of searches are low search intent for you.

 But the search intent like” Hats near me “&” Best hats” are good for you, because peoples are interested to buy your product.


 #The main strategy is that if you’re using paid ads services from Google then you should have to think like a customer not like a seller.

To make a steady and good growth you also need

  1. Daily basis posts on social media handles.
  2. Eye catching graphics designs.
  3. Continuous monitoring.
  4. Analytics.

These are not a simple task to do by yourself.

So, we recommend you heir a professional or a digital marketing agency.

We will help you to grow your brand, by creating a quality content, managing your social media handles, optimizing your ads, and monitoring your analytics.

If you are looking for someone then you should contact to our support team, we are looking forward to work with you.

We hope that the knowledge we shared is proven helpful to you.

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Why does a business need a website

Why does a business need a website

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost at the end of 2021 and people still wonder why do their business needs an online presence or more specifically a “website”. We don’t think there’s any doubt about the exponential growth that online businesses had during these covid times.

Now to answer the question “ Why do I need a website? “.

Well it’s simple, if you want to grow your business then you need to be in front of your potential customers which means when they look for the services you provide they should find you easily suggesting that you should have a website. According to a study 97% of people search online when they want to find a business, so you better make your online identity or Someone else is going to get the profit that you want and deserve.


The biggest advantage of having a website is that it build trust in your audience. up to 50% of people don’t trust a business that doesn’t have a website. People tend to judge how serious you are about your business and commitment based on your website design. Adding some customer testimonials will surely impress your target audience and act as social proof.

pexels-savvas-stavrinos-814544 (1)
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Did you know that by having a good website with proper design and optimization you can actually compete and even rank higher on search engines then most big brands in your industry. Having great marketing strategies with proper SEO techniques can help you dominate even the industry giants so if you don’t have a website... you know you’re giving them your own sales and profit.


If you think that you can grow your business and reach your target audience through social media.. You’re not completely wrong but depending only on social media for reaching customers and building online presence is a huge mistake. Most of these platforms are for personal use and anyone can make a page on them which means that you’re not actually standing out. Although social media can help your business grow but nothing can beat having a proper website as a social proof and build trust.



There are no “ closing hours” for a business that has a website. If you have a website, you’re always available to do business with your customers whether it be dead in the night of early morning. With advancement in technology, you can also add AI chatbots so your customers can get their basic questions answered and it also take a lot off your shoulders. It’s important to be always available because your competitors are ready to grab whatever business they can from you.


Having a properly designed website can convey to your audience that you’re a trusted brand. You can also attract potential customers by showcasing the discounts and offers that you’re providing , writing value rich content and some testimonials so they can spend more time on your website and probably do business with you.



Now that we’ve told you few of the many benefits of having a website you must be thinking that “Well I understand that I really need a website to grow my business, but the problem is I don’t know how to make it or where should I go to get it designed for me? “ .

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered; you don’t have to go anywhere. At Binge Solutions, we’ve got professionals who not only are going to make a website that’s suitable for your business but also optimize it according to your requirements to help your business grow exponentially and get ahead of your competition.

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Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing implies to promoting your business online through digital channels like search engine, website, social media, emails, and mobile apps. If you used social media than you are well familiar of adverts that pop up on your screens that’s digital marketing.

Services you get in digital marketing.

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • Website
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Email marketing
  • PPC (pay per click
  • SEM (Search engine marketing)
Blue Wood

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing implies to promoting your business offline through print, broadcasting, telemarketing, or direct mail. when you watch a live broadcast of a cricket match or your daily soaps, you see advertisements for various products during breaks that’s traditional marketing.

Services you get in Traditional Marketing.

  • Outdoor (Billboards, bus/taxi wraps, posters etc.)
  • Broadcasting (TV, Radio etc.)
  • Print (Magazines, newspapers etc.)
  • Direct Mail (catalogues etc.)
  • Telemarketing (Phone, text message)
  • Window display and signs


Digital Marketing



  • More options for engagement
    Through channels like social media you can really see what your audience think of your brand and marketing efforts. If your marketing has been shared, liked, and had lots of positive comments, you know you are doing something right.
  • Easy to measure your campaigns
    compering to traditional marketing, the specifics of digital marketing tracking are remarkably in depth. This gives you detailed data that helps you plan your next round of marketing efforts.
  • Makes clever targeting possible
    target audience means the group of consumers most likely to buy your product or service. For example, if you own a playgroup. Then, your target audience would be people who have kids between the ages of 1.5-3 who have expressed an interest in enrolling their kids to playgroup.
  • Less permanent

Digital marketing efforts like Google ads, banners, promo emails or social media ads can have a fading, temporary character. They’re intangible and can easily be ignored. If your target audience keeps scrolling or jump into the next page your ad will be gone from their screen.

  • Constantly evolves

To get the most profit out of your digital marketing efforts there is a lot to learn. Each channel usually requires its own professional, from search engine marketing to social media, each channel requires an expert to get the best boost for your business. Still, a grass-roots social media marketing approach is a wonderful place to start.

traditional marketing



  • Impactful and easy to understand
    A newspaper, bold billboard or a dramatic TV commercial is a normal part of most people’s day to day lives. They’re easy to consume and often entertaining.
  • Printed marketing materials are more permanent
    If you have an advert in an issue of The Indian Today it will be there until the magazine is recycled. Which is great if the consumer is a devoted collector.
  • More memorable
    Seeing something in real life instead of your phone is more likely to be remembered. The expectation of the new IPL match ads or a beautiful and impressive window display is more expected to stay in your mind than an Instagram ad you’ll probably scroll past in seconds.
  • More difficult to measure campaigns
    There are ways to determine the traditional marketing campaigns such as brand trackers, but they are far less in-depth or intelligent as the tools offered for digital marketing.
  • Often expensive
    If you are a brand in its early stage’s chances are you do not have the funds for a 4-page spread in Trend. Many kinds of traditional marketing will cost you a considerable amount.
  • No direct interaction with the consumer
    Nothing like social media marketing, you are in the dark about your audience’s count and reaction to your marketing efforts.


Closing the discussion, we can say that in today’s world all people spend most of there time online for several reasons that could be buying product, reading blogs, using a service, watching videos or other several reasons.

digital marketing has grown in recent years, but it became more popular than the traditional marketing due to its several advantages, one of which is effectiveness over expensiveness. However, smart businesses use both to develop strong relationships between possibilities, leads and customers

There is famous say “the world is now in our hands and the information is at our fingertips.” So how can we take advantage of this situation. We can create a strong online presence, especially a website, can help your business boost and make more revenue, that we all want right. If you want to create your digital identity and confused were to go don’t worry, we have your back you don’t have to go anywhere. At Binge Solutions, we have experts who not only are going to make a website that’s suitable for your business but also enhance it according to your requirements to help your business grow tremendously.